Cocaine Addiction

According to Wikipedia, cocaine dependence (or addiction) is physical and psychological dependency on the regular use of cocaine. It can result in severe physiological damage, psychosis, schizophrenia, lethargy, depression, or a potentially fatal overdose. Start from cocaine abuse became cocaine addiction. Cocaine and crack addiction is usually identified with a person who compulsively seeking and using cocaine or crack, despite negative consequences. Physical signs of cocaine abuse can vary, depending on the person. On the one hand, cocaine acts as an appetite suppressant like cocaine often hungry and lose ultimately significant amounts of weight. Cocaine is often in binges, sometimes for several days. The way of cocaine addiction can begin with occasional use only parties. Over time the ability of a person who chooses not to take the drug slowly. Cocaine addiction and crack cocaine is compulsive and addictive because of the following pleasant feelings.

As described previously, many bad effect of cocaine use, there are physical effect, short term effect, and long term effect. At fact, cocaine is very dangerous for the body, soul, and mind of user. So, how about addict people’s? How to solve this problems, how to release the addiction? There are various treatment methodologies for cocaine addiction. It’s called cocaine addiction rehab or cocaine addiction treatment. I’ll try to explaine in detail about its in the next articles.

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